Church of the Atonement 

Choir Director and Organist 

Historic Hymns 

Developed by Tom Leich, this website allows users to access historic hymns.  The searchable database includes musical scores and information about the authors, composers, translaters, arrangers, etc.  

Tom Leich

Tom began music lessons at age four and after progressing through piano,
violin and organ lessons, he became a church organist in high school. Tom
studied music at Haverford College, along with economics. For four years
he studied organ with Temple Painter. Following college, Tom completed
Carnegie Mellon’s graduate business program and then worked for a major
accounting firm. He worked full-time in accounting for 18 years and was
active as a church organist during that time. He moved to the Washington
area in 1983 and has played for a number of churches in the area. Tom has
also been active as a choral accompanist and director. He has been with
Atonement since 1997.

Tom’s father was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University where he taught
music theory and composition. Tom started Vienna Woods Music Company in
1995 in an effort to publish music by his father. Over the past dozen
years, Tom’s publishing efforts have shifted to working with old hymns and
the recently launched Web Site is part of this effort.
Tom also does some part time accounting-related consulting work. Tom lives
in Fairfax with Pepper and their four children.

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